Roy’s patients share their treatment experience:

“I had come to Roy at the suggestion of my wife who recommended that I see a chiropractor with a gentler approach to the practice. Skeptical, but with a pernicious back problem that resisted attempts by “stouter” methods I went to see what Roy would do. My wife was right, Roy had a very gentle, but firm, focused, and sensitive approach to my problem. I even felt that he hadn’t really done enough, he hadn’t “cracked my back” or coaxed any other sonic explosions from my body. That night, however, a funny thing happened, I was pain free. What’s more, I remained pain free for longer and longer periods until the problem melted away. It was remarkable really, because my history was that the pain would always return. It became obvious to me then that Roy was more than a chiropractor, he was and is a true healer.”

M.O. Acton, MA

“I’ve always felt Roy was a partner with me, not just a practitioner, in managing my health care.  Roy is a healer in the broadest sense. He understands and works with the mind-body connection and the whole body.  I have never left his office not feeling far better than on my way in—less pain, more energy and more relaxed.”

S.H. Wayland, MA

“I’ve been consciously dealing with cerebral allergies related to dietary issues for thirty years. One of the taboo food items that remained consistent for all that time was white potatoes. After working with Dr. Gottlieb, I’ve been happily enjoying potatoes again for more than 6 months, with no ill effects. All that along with increased stability and flexibility throughout my body/mind. As the old song goes, Who could ask for anything more?”

M.K.J. Monterey, MA

“As a consultant I experience a number of stressors from the constant travel and sometimes less-than-ideal working environments I encounter. I met Roy Gottlieb when I moved to Massachusetts and needed a chiropractor for shoulder pain. I had sought chiropractic help in the past for the physical aches and pains that come from my lifestyle of driving for long periods, lugging suitcases around and hunching over a computer, so I knew what to expect. Or so I thought. What a pleasant surprise it’s been to work with Roy! He provides a healing experience that goes far beyond any other I’ve known. Not only do I get relief from my physical symptoms, but I leave the sessions with transformative suggestions that have really made a difference in my life. Roy’s approach promotes a deep sense of relaxation and holistic well-being that I’m truly grateful for.”

M.B. Sheffield, MA

“I recommend Dr.Gottlieb for neck and shoulder injuries from auto accidents — my long-standing problems.  The hospital doctors were pessimistic.  They could only offer drugs and surgery.  The results of Dr. Gottlieb’s slow, gentle work over time, and his support and interest over time, brought the best cure.  With exceptional knowledge, a true healer brings a deep integrity, sensitivity and patience to his work.  You may be sure Dr. Gottlieb is that healer.  He was for me.”

A.S. Somerville, MA

“I highly recommend working with Roy for many reasons: he is skilled, intuitive and attuned to the body/mind/spirit. During one six month period in which I saw Roy for regular treatment, there were profound changes about to occur in my life.  I believe that the work Roy does reduces the stress of change. While on his table I had a visitation from a guide who had come to prepare me for the deaths of 3 loved ones who were about to pass. Because of the work he did on me, I was able to physically prepare for this, making space within my psyche to include these changes without fear.”

L.F. Littleton,MA

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