Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology - Roy GottliebApplied Kinesiology is particularly adept at uncovering and correcting hidden muscle weaknesses that often lie behind chronic strains that tend to resist conventional therapy. Muscle testing is also used to locate and discover how to treat joint dysfunctions and active reflex areas. In addition, it can be very helpful in identifying food and environmental allergens and guiding appropriate nutritional supplementation.

The heart of AK lies in the understanding that relative strength or weakness of muscles often reflects upon much more than the state of the muscles themselves. Individual weaknesses or patterns of weakness can be the result of visceral, emotional, or nutritional stresses as well as musculo-skeletal stress. Gentle manual muscle testing is used to discover which muscles are weak, the cause of their weakness, and the appropriate correction to restore strength and balance.

The technique called Applied Kinesiology (AK) was developed by Chiropractor George Goodheart in 1964 and has been continuously expanded upon and refined since then. The work encompasses diagnostic and therapeutic tools, focusing on both biomechanical and reflexive interactions in the body.

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